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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jonah Lomu finds success with bodybuilding

First it was Sonny Bill Williams in the boxing ring. Now it’s Jonah Lomu trying his hand at a sport other than rugby. The former All Black superstar donned a bright blue speedo and plenty of oil as he flexed his muscles in an amateur bodybuilding contest in Wellington a few nights ago.

Lomu has shed an impressive 35 kilograms since he began preparing in March. He now weighs in at 115kg, which is about what he weighed when he first made the All Blacks at the age of 19.

Lomu, now 34, also showed that he has a few moves, which included dropping down into the splits. After all that he’s been through physically over the years, he’s got himself in great shape and has shown great determination.

He came second in two categories, including the men’s open over-90kg, and the mixed pairs. That meant he's done enough to qualify for next month’s competition.

As well as intensive gym work, Lomu has also been on a strict diet in which he’s cut out carbohydrates to the point that he’s been blacking out.

“It takes you to a place where you find yourself. By you being carb-depleted and so forth, you start using parts of your mind that I don't think you might have used before.

"The only times I've really gone to these places is when I played with the sevens, with touch or played for the All Blacks, when you know you need to find that extra step to make that extra tackle."

He’s been inspired by his partner Tracy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago.

"We're getting up there and just showing that she's a breast cancer survivor, I'm a kidney transplantee, and there's life after all the surgeries and all the dramas if you're willing to actually work hard for it."

Lomu’s other motivation has been that he’s planning to make a comeback with French side Marseille Vitrolles, so this has been a great way to get in shape for when he moves to France in November.

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  • i love lomu and beat u all at first comment

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 12:14 pm  

  • whoever is doing these comment numbers (assuming its the same person) needs to stop. Jonah is a great inspiration, hopefully he'll be able to succeed in not only body building but in his next step with playing for a french side.

    By Anonymous Chris, at September 21, 2009 12:37 pm  

  • i noe im gna get burned for saying this, but really, he wasnt really that impressive. his arms were ok, but his hamstrings werent...he also has no chest. i noe people are gna go like "shut the fuck up, he can fuck you over anytime" but really, it wasnt anything special at all.

    dont get me wrong he is a great great player, showed great courage in fighting his disease.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 12:48 pm  

  • Yeah Anon (pick a friggin name mate?),

    It's an amateur comp, and thats his first time ever competing. He wasnt going for Mr Universe or whatever. He's done well do get in that shape, considering his health issues and the fact that he bloated pretty bad in the past few years.

    He came second in the comp, well done to him. Great to see him getting fit again. I look forward to catching footage of him playing in a few months time hopefully.

    By Anonymous FrankyH, at September 21, 2009 12:56 pm  

  • Vitrolles is in Federale 1 wich is the 3d division in France...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 1:11 pm  

  • Jonah is the man. He was quite chubby a few months ago.. Good on him!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 1:19 pm  

  • He is so bronze.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 1:33 pm  

  • He's always had a apppetide for body building (there're clips of him juggling on a gym ball)
    He's still some way off from a pro body builder, but that's just the way it is for people switching sports

    By Blogger vinniechan, at September 21, 2009 2:24 pm  

  • "Lomu has also been on a strict diet in which he's cut out carbohydrates to the point that he's been blacking out."

    Doesn't sound very healthy.

    By Anonymous RevFredPhelps, at September 21, 2009 4:02 pm  

  • No kidding about the 'strict diet' making him blackout. I understand the whole cut the carbs-bodybuilding thing, but blackouts? Messed up.

    No, he didn't look very good from a bodybuilding point of view, but from a Rugby point of view, I bet there are some French defenders a bit concerned right now. Still, to get up there and accomplish that is pretty impressive. Good on him (I wonder how he'd do in the Mr. Olympia this weekend...).

    By Anonymous realrugby, at September 21, 2009 4:42 pm  

  • Chris the sheriff you're really scaring us. I stop right now cause i don't want any trouble with a scary man like you

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 4:49 pm  

  • His chest is surprisingly small even for a huge guy like himself

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 21, 2009 10:28 pm  

  • Plop.

    By Anonymous Joost, at September 22, 2009 2:31 am  

  • Have to say I saw a photo of Lomu back in the late nineties with his top off and he looked far larger than he does there. Presumably his kidney disorder means that even the legal muscle growth substances are off the menu. Have to agree, wasn't that impressed. Fair play to him though considering all his medical maladies. His body though has never really really recovered from the kidney disorder.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 22, 2009 8:23 am  

  • Check out this link - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8268135.stm - these guys are over 70 years old and in much better shape than young Jonah!

    By Anonymous Muscleman, at September 22, 2009 5:02 pm  

  • Muscleman u tosspot, u ever watched lomu? I guess not from wot u sed.

    By Blogger Oooooooh Gravy, at September 22, 2009 5:51 pm  

  • Ooooooh Gravy - what was it about my comment that gave the impression that I had never watched Lomu?
    Not too sure why you think I am a 'tosspot' either; I was just saying to keep things in perspective - he's not a very impressive body builder.

    By Anonymous Muscleman, at September 23, 2009 9:21 am  

  • in ur comment u sed tht thm 70 yr olds are in better shape thn the young lomu. So id like to c thm run through almost the full french rugby team! Nd if they had the disease tht he had they wouldn't look so good

    By Blogger Oooooooh Gravy, at September 23, 2009 9:48 pm  

  • I agree with Chris! I love Lomu! He is such a good lad to take up body building. Pipe down anyone is id giving him grief!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 24, 2009 6:24 pm  

  • Forgive me, But I really do not think he should be doing this. By its nature, Body Building exercises build muscle definition and not power.

    Ever noticed how rugby players who are overly RIPPED never quite deliver ? Well, it is because to become rugby fit, you will be doing a combination of exercises that will compromise your muscle definition.

    It is one thing if he is doing this for a gas, but lets be honest. He is 34.

    There are so many other regimes he should be doing to ensure his return to lost glory, rather than trying to get definition on his Triceps or whatever.

    I DO want him to make a glorious comeback, which is why this shit worries me.

    By Anonymous EARugbyFan, at September 24, 2009 8:47 pm  

  • Exactly - it's hard to run through the French rugby team when you're blacking out due to carb deprivation!

    By Anonymous Muscleman, at September 25, 2009 12:14 am  

  • The bodybuilding was to get himself in shape, which he is now. He's in way better form than he was during his last couple of comebacks so should be worth a watch in French (2nd division?) rugby.

    By Anonymous Mike, at September 26, 2009 8:26 pm  

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