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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The All Blacks run riot against Samoa

The All Blacks crushed Samoa 101-14 on Wednesday in a one sided match that once again highlighted the ever widening gap between rugby's rich and poor nations.

New Zealands 15 tries, on the way to their fifth century in test match rugby, handed the proud South Pacific Island nation their heaviest ever defeat.

New Zealand fullback Mils Muliaina scored three tries before he was taken off at halftime while Conrad Smith and Richard Kahui crossed twice each.

Adam Thomson, Jimmy Cowan, Stephen Donald, Ali Williams, Jerome Kaino, Isaia Toeava and Piri Weepu also scored tries. Stuart Dickinson awarded a penalty try and Dan Carter and Donald combined to kick 13 conversions.

"We got what we needed to get out of it," New Zealand forwards coach Steve Hansen said in a televised interview.

"There were no injuries as well so it was very pleasing."

Samoan born All Black captain on the night Rodney So'oialo said the match was the perfect practice game for the Tri-nations decider against Australia in Brisbane on September 13th.

"I think the boys really enjoyed it out there today," So'oialoi said.

"The boys haven't played for a couple of weeks so they really needed needed this game to turn their bodies over and get back on track for next week."

Samoa were forced to field a depleted team as their top players had club commitments in Europe and elsewhere abroad. The did manage two consolation tries though, with the second from Alafoti Faosiliva an absolute classic example of what the players could be capable of.

"What can you say, one hundred points? But we got two tries," said Samoa captain Filipo Levi.

"It's a big step up from playing club rugby in Samoa but in saying that it was a learning curve and a good experience for the boys."

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  • yes first comment!

    By Anonymous fresh1, at September 04, 2008 6:47 pm  

  • Yes! First one to tell the guy above he's gay!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 04, 2008 7:04 pm  

  • YES! first one to leave a comment relevant
    a thrashing
    outclassed from the first minute
    sad to see for samoa
    good to see all blacks in winning mode for next week tho

    By Anonymous Jordan, at September 04, 2008 7:09 pm  

  • It was a very poor game the only reason new zealand ran away with it is because samoa were so bad. They were gifted most of their tries through woeful defending and horrendous mistakes by samoa.

    Australia are my bet for the tri-nations

    By Blogger WaltonioUK, at September 04, 2008 7:29 pm  

  • Folks, what was that shitty comment by one of the commentators... "if that was the Boks i wouldnt give it to them" ...lol...whats that about? I think of all the commentators out there the SA ones are least one sieded, they give props to both sides in equal doses, but the Ozzies and Kiwis...lol..its blatant blinkers...ahh well.

    Oh another thing i say that next year Oz and Nz travel to the republic for 5 weeks...only fair no?

    As for this game...didnt prove anything.

    By Blogger semperfimamba, at September 04, 2008 8:27 pm  

  • how awesome did anthony tuitukaie (spelt wrong)play . . . i rate him very highly big in defense fast good step and hes unselfish

    i also like kahui aswel :)

    By Anonymous el nino, at September 04, 2008 8:35 pm  

  • there's nothing I like more is seeing a good close game.

    Fresh 1, get a life bro.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 04, 2008 9:10 pm  

  • i'm not too impressed by all blacks play.. in fact a little worried:
    100 points against a club team proves nothing, furthermore: just look at that last try!!
    against woblies or the bokke they wouldn't ve scored there..
    or check out how many rubbish passes Nonu threw!!

    they didn't play all that well, except for Mils.. he's dynamite

    Gonna be a great game though NZ - Aus

    By Anonymous Cheis, at September 04, 2008 9:13 pm  

  • That's the first time I've seen what I'd already heard ICE Toeava was capable of. The run he made from inside his own half before offloading to Conrad Smith was outstanding and he actually cleaned up Ali Williams' embarrassing mess of a dummy and pass quite nicely to unselfishly hand Kahui a try.

    Why not finish the Tri-Nations with Kahui and Toeava in the center and put Nonu on the wing / bench now?

    Tuitavake did play and showed a lot of skill and pace and good ball handling skills. He knocks out back row forwards in defense and with Rokococo on the other wing and Mils at full back that will do nicely for the All Blacks, I think.

    By Blogger Disco, at September 04, 2008 9:26 pm  

  • if they play like that i feel quite confident they wont score one try except for one try by individual class.

    By Blogger sebastian, at September 04, 2008 9:29 pm  

  • In such a one sided affair, NZ lost focus and became sloppy towards the end. Quite worrying. Hopefully this doesn't jade them before their cracker against the Aussies as the Aussies will be hungry to prove a point from the hiding they took in SA. And they're at home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 04, 2008 10:40 pm  

  • semperfimbamba - i think you've taken that the wrong way. it was a tongue-in-cheek comment or even a complement if anything to SA as it would have been a closer game - it was a reflection on the fact that samoa were getting so badly stuffed they deserved a try.

    Disco - it's been a while since ice played to his best. auckland keep playing him at 10 which can't be doing him much good but is helping his kicking. i remember reading that over the first 10 metres, he's the fastest in the all black squad. that was before the world cup when he was picked after an awesome super 14 but had a couple of bad international games and lost confidence. i reckon tuitavake might beat him though - he's like a kiwi jason robinson.

    anonymous - not much to worry about really. when you're winning so easily its hard to keep clinical and they made loads of changes which always disrupts things.

    NZ for the trinations.

    By Anonymous felix, at September 04, 2008 11:21 pm  

  • About 5 of those AB tries were from forward passes, two in some cases.

    This isn't the first time either, it happens at least once in every game. When are refs going to start picking up on it?!?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 05, 2008 12:17 am  

  • its hard to keep ur structure and stuff when ur winning that easily. I kno cos we beat a team 120- 5 the other week and towards the end there was no structure at all with every player trying to score themselves.

    By Anonymous dr, at September 05, 2008 12:45 am  

  • I almost think it's unsportsman-like to score that many tries against a side in a match like that. Once you hit 50, why keep thrashing them. I need to get my own user ID....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 05, 2008 12:53 am  

  • semperfimbamba: you're right, these sorts of games tell you nothing about form and although Samoa looked gutsy it was always going to be a bit of an AB training run. On the commentator .. TMOs are pretty unpredictable and I think all he was saying is that in a tighter more important match the decision could go either way. From that angle it looks like he dropped the ball straight down and then fell on it, no problem. At a bigger ground with more cameras it might've looked different, but it deserved a try.

    By Anonymous breakaway, at September 05, 2008 2:07 am  

  • "I need to get my own user ID...."

    Where it says "Name/URL", you can write your name....

    By Anonymous elliot, at September 05, 2008 4:56 am  

  • "There were no injuries as well so it was very pleasing." hmm, so tuitivakes either broken jaw or fractured cheek bone isn't an injury...
    and as for nonu, tbh i think he was scared lol

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 05, 2008 8:23 am  

  • yeah; a possible reason why we crashed at the quarters in '07...


    thankfully this is only 1 game, but still gonna be interesting come the 13th .

    Hope Henry/NZRFU act on their talk of a test in Apia against Manu Samoa... the islands have done a lot fer NZ rugby .

    but i forget... its all about money :[

    By Blogger boomshanka, at September 05, 2008 8:31 am  

  • Did NZ buy this ref as well?? I saw 4 try's that came from a forward pass.

    GO BOKKE!!!!

    By Anonymous BOKMAN, at September 05, 2008 9:08 am  

  • What a stupid game the All Blacks should of played against a the Nz Maori or maybe a Air New Zealand Cup form 15 if they could.

    By Anonymous NzFulla, at September 05, 2008 11:35 am  

  • to anonymous who said tuitavake broke a jaw or cheek - "There were concerns during the game abut a knee injury to three-try fullback Mils Muliaina, a head knock to wing Anthony Tuitavake and a shoulder injury to lock Anthony Boric.

    But the trio are okay and, along with the four who missed the game - skipper Richie McCaw, lock Brad Thorn, wing Sitiveni Sivivatu and prop John Afoa - will be available to play the Wallabies" JIM KAYES - Fairfax Media (on rugbyheaven.co.nz)

    By Anonymous felix, at September 05, 2008 1:13 pm  

  • I wouldn't read anything into that game at all. Theres no way anyone could take that result seriously

    By Anonymous TheFullback, at September 05, 2008 3:30 pm  

  • for all you annoying all black haters out there (jealous)..they wern't going out there to prove a F*cking point! they went out there to keep fit and do something inbetween tests..the score line didnt matter to them..it was a training run. get over it..they're going to win the tri-nations whether you jealous peeps like it or not..dont winge on our team because we beat most of yours.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 05, 2008 5:48 pm  

  • LOL!! why would anyone be jealous of NZ?.. they came 5th in the world cup!!

    anyways i hope aus take the tri nations this time around...and thats a difficult thing to say for a bok supporter

    By Anonymous doos, at September 05, 2008 9:06 pm  

  • The referee is very poor !! So many forward passe, not seen and the try is validated.
    This game will not serve rugby credibility.

    By Blogger Jean-Baptiste, at September 05, 2008 10:08 pm  

  • One good thing that comes from a game like this is that a few young Samoan players get a hit-out against the No.1 side in the world and that's priceless experience.
    For all the complaints about the "forward passes", sure a few looked borderline but I'll trust the ref and touch judge running beside the play against the camera 80 metres away on an angle. Flat is OK and the ball is also allowed to drift forward with the momentum of the passer as long as his pass action is flat or backwards. It's impossible to judge some of this stuff with camera angles.

    By Anonymous breakaway, at September 06, 2008 6:11 am  

  • go bokke .

    see you next year .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 06, 2008 9:15 am  

  • i love your blog but saying naturally "rich and poor" in your highlight is very rude to me. Respect rugby and rugbyp layers is my only concern.
    All yours
    kevin blanco.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 07, 2008 12:16 pm  

  • what are you on about?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 07, 2008 2:12 pm  

  • semperfimamba, all he means is that it probably wasn't a try but its good to give it to them anyway for moral reasons. Especially because most of the people in Auckland are Samoan and would run riot if they didn't call it. Its not like the 7 points would of made any difference to the outcome of the game so they didn't go into it thouroghly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 07, 2008 6:22 pm  

  • kevin blanco - what indeed are you on about?

    samoa is poor. VERY poor. i have more money than samoa. that's not rude. it's just true. in fact it's mitigation for the lack of quality shown by samoa in this game. the Samoan RFU doesn't have the money to pay it's best players to turn out for a test match like this. the players can't afford it either as most of them are earning a living in england, france or japan to pay for education/accomodation/food for their families.
    it's not rude, it's just life. RD was just highlighting the gulf in wealth and how this gap translates to the performances of the national teams.

    By Anonymous felix, at September 07, 2008 8:04 pm  

  • felix my left testicle is worth more money than you.

    By Anonymous Doos, at September 07, 2008 11:55 pm  

  • what a strange assertion to make. your left testicle must be worth a lot of money. good for you. get it insured.

    By Anonymous felix, at September 08, 2008 2:48 am  

  • lol

    By Anonymous doos, at September 08, 2008 11:26 pm  

  • The 2009 Manu Samoa would only lose by 30 in my opinion.
    That was a team of locals, we should all know that.
    But when you bring the overseas based players into the equation, the match wouldve been no farce at all.

    Im glad then coach Niko Palamo got fired because right now, Samoa is sitting on 2nd place in the 2009 PNC, AHEAD of Fiji to note.

    By Blogger Tuilagi-Inspired, at June 25, 2009 7:40 am  

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