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Thursday, October 08, 2009

John Hayes suspended for six weeks for stamp on Cian Healey

Munster prop John Hayes has been suspended for six weeks following his stamp to the face of Cian Healy during their meeting with Leinster in the Magners League match on Saturday.

During an ill-tempered few minutes of the match, Hayes looked to have deliberately stamped down in the direction of Healy, resulting in a cut to the eye of the Leinster prop, and an immediate red card for the perpetrator.

A disciplinary hearing took place in Belfast, with an Irish Rugby Football Union panel confirming that after viewing video evidence and hearing all available evidence, the offence constituted a high end entry level in terms of sanctions.

The panel imposed the six week suspension after taking into account all mitigating factors, resulting in Hayes being suspended from the date of the offence, up until November the 14th - the day before Ireland play against Australia, and seven days before they play South Africa.

He will however miss Munster’s Heineken Cup opening match against Northampton, the meeting with Treviso, and Magners League matches against Edinburgh and Ulster.

Munster team manager Shaun Payne said in a statement: "John regrets the incident happened at all. He has a long and unblemished professional rugby career spanning twelve seasons and would not be regarded by anybody including opponents as being a dirty player.

"He is very disappointed with the sanction, given that the committee accepted the action wasn't intentional yet decided the entry point for the offence to be at the higher range, the nine weeks reduced to six in mitigation."

Time: 03:18
Note: We will try get other highlights from the match up at some stage.



  • very disappointed in him

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 08, 2009 10:41 pm  

  • so obviously intentional...

    By Anonymous eric, at October 08, 2009 10:43 pm  

  • Would never expect something like that from him

    By Blogger gavin heddle, at October 08, 2009 10:45 pm  

  • Absolute disgrace, i thought he was not the kind of players thats does stuff like that

    By Blogger Oli, at October 08, 2009 10:48 pm  

  • 6 weeks is hardly a harsh sentence. that was malicious and intentional, and could easily have caused very severe damage.

    By Blogger Jeffrey, at October 08, 2009 11:01 pm  

  • For a front row, this guy has been a real gentleman of the game. And a powerhouse.

    Its v sad to see him do something like this.

    Shows how under the thumb Munster were feeling at the time.

    Of course, these are not the highlights of the match: this is one low light moment in what was an incredible performance by Leinster: their new young guns - like the guy under Hayse's boot(Cian Healey) and McGloughlin will really come through this year.

    Bizarrely, Kearney again is on the bench. Its like he's been punished for the effin Lions tour! He has to rest after that, and Nascewa played well in the meantime. Now, he can
    't get into the team. Again. Wrong wrong wrong. (He couldn't get into the lions team either but look what he did when he came on - what does this guy have to do!!!?!)

    But back to the highlights. These are not the highlights. 3 excellent tries are. RD your priorities are skewere - and I rarely ctiricise anything u guys decide to emphasise.

    As an aside, and following on from the ridiculous conversation comparing SA now and England 03 on the Wlikinson posting previously, any Saffers like to comment on how De Villers fronted up to O Driscoll? Love that flapping, flaying arms 'tackle' for the try.... (Was he actually shivering from the 'cold' when he came onto the pitch, or just nervous?)

    By Anonymous mise, at October 08, 2009 11:08 pm  

  • I'm not condoning the stamp which I think in everybody's eyes was obvious and deiberate. However the decision from the panel was it wasn't deliberate, if htis is the case how can they justify a six week ban for what they see as an "unfortunate incident"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 08, 2009 11:14 pm  

  • It was unintentional, that much is obvious and accepted, therefore he should have gotten 4 weeks.

    By Blogger Der Tierarzt, at October 08, 2009 11:17 pm  

  • Mise, I dont see the word highlights used anywhere in the title or article. And why bring up those childish discussions from before again? Super lame.

    Regarding this - 6 weeks seems a tad lenient imo. Funny coincidence that he's back before the test against Australia too. :P

    By Anonymous FrankyH, at October 08, 2009 11:21 pm  

  • Although I'm shocked that John Hayes would do something like this, I do feel a bit of sympathy since Healy was illegally pulling the maul down and was just being a big cheat, and the referee did nothing about it. Although stamping on his face wasn't the right answer.

    Anyway I must agree with Mise. Kearney was outstanding for the Lions, he proved himself to be the world's best fullback, and now this bloody New Zealander is taking his position? Michael Cheika needs to get his head checked.

    One more thing, this is just a once-off from Hayes. He obviously just saw red and lashed out, so I don't think his 15 years or so of fair play and great sportsmanship should be just forgotten about.

    By Anonymous Kearney for tests, at October 08, 2009 11:31 pm  

  • I guess for a front rower to have such a good record over such a long time is pretty admirable indeed.
    There's no doubt other players would have gotten larger sentences, you'd think so anyway.

    By Anonymous FrankyH, at October 08, 2009 11:45 pm  

  • The refereeing at this game was appaling. I was at it and in the same incident Hines and Leamey could both have been binned or worse.

    Healey was pulling down the maul no doubt, but you can't stamp on someones head.

    Having said this, the ref wasnt calling it so I can understand how fraustration levels can build up, especially when you're 20-nil down with a crowd making sure you know it.

    Shame to see a player like John Hayes snap like this.

    By Anonymous JJM, at October 08, 2009 11:54 pm  

  • agreed that the word highlights isn't used, but this site highlights stuff. And in this particular match, this isn't a highlight - or at least, not _the_ highlight.

    The site veers (or maybe veered?) towards the collisions, hits and dirty play, etc so fair enough on one level, but still...

    Incredible rugby, ferocity in the breakdown and 3 great tries would be more worth seeing - but u could of course include the stamp. (And yes I know RD doesn't make the vids etc etc and I should be grateful etc etc)

    (SOme claim that only tries and collisions work well in rugby vids: Me I love to see turnovers, breakdowns etc as much)

    But re the red card: There were a few incidents in this actual incident that might have merited a yellow card, but I suppose that was the big one. Really thou, so out of character. 6 weeks prob fair enough, considering he started in the mid 1990s, and must have come up against some animals. And yet, 2 yellow cards _in total_ in that time.

    (Btw O Connell was so animated in that clip - the Lions could have done with a bit of that)

    By Anonymous mise, at October 09, 2009 12:04 am  

  • Read the 'note' under the vid mise..

    Anyone know what Paul O'connell was shouting about? He seemed really p*ssed off about something but it didnt make sense to me cause I couldnt see anything (besides the collapsing of the maul).

    Almost sounded like he shouted about one of his players getting kicked in the face too.. Anyone know? thanks

    By Anonymous Dave, at October 09, 2009 12:17 am  

  • There is no way that stamp was unintentional.

    It was after the original shoeing and you could see it in way he moved his leg that he meant for it to hurt and aimed for his head.

    For me it was a very quick sharp movement where he actually had to stretch to reach him with his toe.

    Should've got longer. Way longer.

    By Anonymous The Inside Shoulder, at October 09, 2009 12:19 am  

  • i think 6 weeks is too long Mal O'kelly only got 2 weeks for stamping Phil Vickery last year. I've read some bad reports about crowd at the game "very football like" I'm sure these mods are only sun shine fans ! there giving the real lenster fans a bad name do

    By Anonymous westman, at October 09, 2009 12:44 am  

  • Ridiculous. Clean record or not, he should have had a MUCH longer ban.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 1:21 am  

  • He stamped on his fucking face!!
    5-6 month ban would be justice

    By Anonymous Allah.... BOOM, at October 09, 2009 3:45 am  

  • disgusted. i hope he reads this so he knows how much respect he has lost.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 5:11 am  

  • "For me it was a very quick sharp movement where he actually had to stretch to reach him with his toe."

    It was a quick sharp movement that was preceded by several quick sharp movements by both feet...in other words, he was trying to touch the ground as far forward as he could, and with that many boots around, Healey was bound to get stamped on. It was very clearly unintentional.

    By Anonymous istya, at October 09, 2009 5:15 am  

  • If you watch the initial viewing (not slow-mo, where it focuses only on the foot to the face), you can see he's not looking down at where he's shoving his feet. So, based on character (no sendings off in 16 years?!), you could figure he's either unaware that Healy's head is there or that he's trying to get get the legs of Cullen.

    I know people are going to want to crucify Hayes, just like Lions fans did to Burger.

    I just can't see Hayes knowingly going for someone's face with his boots...that's way out of character. But, it's also out of line and intentional or not, the result was a man's face was stepped on. The ban is...well, not much you can contest about it.

    By Anonymous Campo, at October 09, 2009 6:16 am  

  • PS - Paul O'Connell is nothing but a whiny bitch.

    This coming from a Munster fan. He does nothing but complain anytime his team is losing and try to coax the ref into awarding Munster penalties.

    "He has to go...3...3 blue"

    Shut up, you horse's ass. You're not the captain, even though you fancy yourself to be.


    One last thought on the stamping...you could expect foul play like that from O'Connell, Hines, or even another stocky bald man on the pitch - a Mr. Bernard Jackman. But certainly not Hayes...

    By Anonymous Campo, at October 09, 2009 6:23 am  

  • fark that is brutal, no matter if he meant to do it or not.

    By Anonymous Dan, at October 09, 2009 7:03 am  

  • That was F***ING horrible, that is so sickining to watch. That could of split his cheek bone right open. With a man that weighs 20 stone, with big studs on, I can't imagine how sore that must have been.
    I would never expected to see this from him...

    i think it should of been more like 6 month ban, that could of done some proper serious damage to his face, his face could of been disorted... HORRIBLE, SICKINING, DISGUSTING and most of all DISAPOINTED

    By Anonymous ArranR, at October 09, 2009 8:15 am  

  • thts absoultely disgracefull, it looks so violent. what a twat

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 9:14 am  

  • Hey, on a cheerful note, I just read that 7s may in fact be included in the 2016 Olympics (as may golf...really?). That's great news for rugby, and particularly 7s - not that popular a sport when you compare it to union or league; so it's good to see it might be getting some high-level recognition through the Olympic games...hell yeah!

    By Anonymous onomatopoeia, at October 09, 2009 9:30 am  

  • Who cares for 7s rugby, mindless rubbish. People with no attention spans. "I JUST WANT TO SEE TRIES!"

    I for one, hope it wont make the Olympics, we don't need that crap representing proper rugby.

    By Anonymous Jazzy Thing, at October 09, 2009 9:58 am  

  • Unintentional ? laughable... kinda reminds of Magne doing the same with Italians a few years back... Can't remember what he got back then (probably much higher being french and all...).

    Now how can 7's be a bad thing at the Olympics ? Apart from the fact that it might not be the biggest nation of 15 winning, I really don't see how it could be a negative ?

    By Blogger jay, at October 09, 2009 10:08 am  

  • Definite ban.

    Very sad to see John Hayes do something like that.

    Clearly stamped over Healys body & went back for a final stamp directly to his face.

    True, hes one of the fairest players to ever play the game but thats irrelevant when dealing with such an incident. The act is what is on trial not the character.

    Its evident his immpeccable record was taken into account when only handing down a 6 week ban, which was a mistake by the authorities.

    What makes it even worse is hearing guys like Donnacha O'Callaghan going to the media and giving their opinion - saying it was a disgrace that a man like Hayes was banned at all.

    A shade similar to Peter DeVillers sentiment about Schalk Berger perhaps?

    No Leinster player opened their mouth about the incident and thats the way it should be.

    The old guard Munster players were clearly & utterly frustrated that there age old way of winning games does not work anymore.

    They've been so used to steamrolling teams over the last few years & now its been done to them by Leinster, a team both they & their fans percieve as weak-willed.

    That was too much for guys like Leamy & even Hayes to take.

    Leamy should have been binned for grabbing the face of Stan Wright firstly, then secondly, hairpulling and face grabbing (very close to a gouge) of Hines.

    Leamy is another player who must find another outlet for his frustration other than this.

    He was totally overshadowed on he day both technically & physically by a phemonenal Leinster backrow trio, and his international career appears to be over.

    Good to see Hayes wont miss the internationals, but really he was lucky the ban was not for longer.

    By Blogger unga bunga, at October 09, 2009 10:14 am  

  • the french Azam from Gloucester took 12 weeks for something very less brutal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 10:19 am  

  • Well put unga bunga, except I can see a correlation between Munster/Hayes fans defending Hayes the same way Bokke/Burger fans defended Burger (and those opposing in each case), but that's about it.

    Burger is by no means an Alan Quinlan, but he has been banned before for a few incidents. Hayes has been playing professionally for 12 years and has yet to have any major incident involving dirty play. I think that the citing commission did right by considering this INSOFAR as whether or not it would have been intentional. The replays certainly did no justice in determining his intentions, those only showed the gruesome consequence of what happened.

    I mean, how many times in those 12 years do you think he's been in that exact situation where a player is trying to pull down a maul from underneath him...and how many times has he reacted that way? None. Which makes it pretty safe to assume it was unintentional.

    Haha, I'll also say that while it might come off as ridiculous for DOC to whine about the ban, at least he did so without mindfucking the reporters with analogies of ballet and mumblings.

    By Anonymous slippery pete, at October 09, 2009 10:30 am  

  • if anyone tries 2 pull down a maul and is on d ground u give him a shoeing so he wont do it again any1 who plays in d pack knows wat im on about just a pity it was in d head not lik hayes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 10:38 am  

  • He should of had much more than six weeks, the maximum ban for an incident of this type is 52 weeks! It was dangerous and intentional and he got off lucky, I wonder how he would feel if it was the other way around??

    By Anonymous John Hayes worst prop ever, at October 09, 2009 10:52 am  

  • he should of got 6 months..
    and now one of his teammates is defending him..whata joke

    By Anonymous big dutchman, at October 09, 2009 10:58 am  

  • i think the refs handled the situation well in dishing out a straight red
    u cant stamp on a head, its just wrong wrong wrong

    By Blogger sebastian, at October 09, 2009 10:59 am  

  • John hayes is a man of passion, but he is a weak man too, he has his limitations and his anxiety will take over, he will stomp on you if you come near him like an Elephant would do to a rat, a man of great courage and honor, a man of not a strong neck and back, but an old neck and back, he is a man of ireland and I am a man of Wales, and I for one would like to thank Hayes for signing my gilbert ball and shaking my hand, he is a tru gentle man and this is not like Hayes, Hayes is a kind and soft... loving man who will shed a tear if he watches the note book or Mama Mia, he is a fun out going chap who loves this earth and loves to do one thing and that is play rugby and push in the scrum, he will forever be an Irish legend and a rugby Legend, a man that would have loved to achieve more in his rugby days, but then again he will look back on his long and amazing career and he will be proud of what he has done and how he has played this great game. ~Welshy

    By Anonymous Welshy, at October 09, 2009 11:24 am  

  • Alright, Welshy. He didn't die, he just got banned. Save that one for the eulogy, mate. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 11:51 am  

  • Firstly a great win and magnificant performance by Lainster, that is the main thing.

    Whether or not Hayes meant to stamp on his head or not is very hard to say definitively. However, he definitely intended to stamp on Healy (and he wasn't the only one). While Healy was trying to pull down the maul and therefore deserves a bit of a shoeing in my view (enough of this sanctimonious rubbish from people who haven't played and backs), Hayes was extremely reckless (probably due to frustration)and connected with Healy's face (potentially very serious consequences) and therefore deserves to be punished.

    Therefore I think the red card and suspension are about fair taking into account all the factors mentioned i.e. nature of offence, previous clean record, and general standard of suspensions in rugby.

    Finally it may be no bad thing for Hayes to get a rest, particularly from an Ireland point of view. He's pushing on and it's not exactly raining tight heads here.

    Good luck to all the Irish teams this weekend.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 12:24 pm  

  • the disiplinary panels are a joke though.There in no consistency at all.Olivier azam from gloucester had 12 weeks for basically the same thing,yet burger gets 4 weeks 4 trying to pull someones eyeball out

    By Anonymous ginger, at October 09, 2009 12:32 pm  

  • It's a big problem in the magners league that the home union decide on punishments. Self interest leads to lesser punishments for key players.

    By Blogger Ruairí, at October 09, 2009 12:35 pm  

  • To be honest didnt look intentional to catch him where he did, hayes isnt that kind of player! healy was asking for a shoeing from where he dropped himself, if your goin to drop a maul from the feet you deserve what you get its an occupational Hazard. The ban was fair enough for the offense and his record being that good

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 1:51 pm  

  • Firstly some of yee would want to pull your head outta your asses and watch the video again.Cian Healy was illegally trying to pull down the maul which should have been a yellow card...deserved a shoeing and thats what Hayes was giving him..its plain to see in the video that hayes isnt looking down and aiming kicks at Healys head so DIDNT INTENTIONALLY stamp Healys face..for those idiots amongst you calling for a year ban consider the fact the Hayes got 6 weeks for an unintentional stamp while twice last year 2 Leinster players got 2 weeks ban each for intentional stamps to the head namely Malcolm o Kelly in the Heineken cup match v Wasps and Sexton for a clearly dangerous and intentional aimed kicked to head on Mafi....Wind your necks in boys

    By Blogger Declan Kiddenme, at October 09, 2009 2:42 pm  

  • im sorry im a tad confused.....i havent been playing this season so i've lost touch....last thing i heard was the ELV's in which pulling down a maul was legal....so why were they complaining he was pulling down a maul? have they been changed back?

    regarding the video, it looked intentional and im sad to say that he should have gone for more than 6 weeks....if it was indeed 'unintentional' then shouldnt he be cleared? and get let off with nothing? i mean if thats not intentional then all he was doing was placing one foot forward and walking with the maul....so its hardly careless play.....

    Its either intentional and a big ban, or unintentional and no ban.....there is nothing inbetween!!!!

    and i think john hayes is a fantastic player and its a shame for me to say that he deserved a big ban!!!!

    if anyone can get back to me on the ELV's pulling down maul thing that would be great...

    By Anonymous No.7, at October 09, 2009 4:48 pm  

  • Well said Declan Kiddenme. U lie on d bottom of a maul ur gonna get a shoeing. Not condoning the stamp but cleary Hayes was NOT aiming for Healy's face. Couldn't see anything beneath him during the maul. Ban was fair. Also some people commenting say Leamy should have been yellow carded for throwing punch at Stan Wright, if u look again u'll see right swung first. Handbags nd nothing more

    By Anonymous MCDB, at October 09, 2009 5:34 pm  

  • That was on purpose FFS. Its what all Props do, Rucking players out of the way, how could Hayes of done this on purpose if he could even see where Healy's head was.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 6:00 pm  

  • We all play rugby on here and we know what happens when you lie on the floor and a maul walks over you, you get stood on both intentionally and unintentionally. In that clip we can see Hayes trying to stop the man on the floor from takeing the maul down while he was on the floor, so he intended to use his boot to move the man but i doubt he intended to cause severe damage. Intentional to a degree but if we handed out bans for every injury in the game it would just get rediculous. You put yourself in the path of a few boots your going to get stood on either way.

    By Anonymous BlindFlanker, at October 09, 2009 6:22 pm  

  • O'Connells's stamps were pretty nasty too even if Healy was illegally pulling down the maul.

    the reason it's on six weeks is that the IRFU deal with matter and need Hayes for the Autumn internationals. I think it was supposed to be 9 but he got 3 off for a good record.

    It's nasty and the kindest thing you can say is that he was reckless as opposed to intentionally stamping on healy's head. You can see that he looks down at healy a few seconds before stamping.

    A terrble shame as he's been a gentleman throughout his career.

    By Anonymous Third Centre, at October 09, 2009 7:01 pm  

  • Good grief, it's very clear that this was accidental. He wasn't looking down, so he certainly wasn't aiming at Healey. His feet were kicking because he was trying to get footing as he was LIFTED OFF THE GROUND. It amazes me how quickly people are assuming the worst of a man with a spotless conduct record.

    By Anonymous Bill, at October 09, 2009 8:55 pm  

  • The only reason this was deemed unintentional is so that it can be swept under the carpet. Due to the recent bad press that rugby has received they dont want the to give the papers any more reason to bad mouth the game. simples.

    By Anonymous wj, at October 09, 2009 9:00 pm  

  • these guys have to play for the same team not too far from now. crazy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2009 10:16 pm  

  • 6 weeks ? Just ridiculous. As usual with Munster... Other teams should play with a red shirt to be protected by disciplinary board too.

    By Anonymous Dalma, at October 09, 2009 11:58 pm  

  • Man i fucking love Hayes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 10, 2009 12:02 am  

  • Dalma, you're right. Like the way Leinster play in red and O'Kelly gets two weeks for stamping on someone's face, and the same for Sexton for kicking someone in the face. Oh no they don't play in red actually, and you're an idiot.

    By Anonymous Kearney for tests, at October 10, 2009 2:26 am  

  • Dalma..your off your head if you think a Munster jersey protects you from a disciplinary board and i can prove it with 2 words..
    Alan Quinlan
    Ad dont take my word for it being unintentional..the disciplenary board said and i quote the "the disciplinary panel accepted that Hayes' stamp was not deliberate"

    By Blogger Declan Kiddenme, at October 10, 2009 2:31 am  

  • Ref should have prevented all of this by blowing for a penalty against Healy. It was a stamp and a deserved ban but I don't think he's going for Healy's face. Hayes is just frustrated and wants him out of the way.

    Some of you Leinster supporters would want to take a step back for a sec. Hayes has been a model pro for Ireland and wanted to retire a few years ago but stayed on after the IRFU begged him to sign a new contract. Show him some respect.

    He got what he deserved so leave it now. You don't hear Munster supporters moan about Sextons cowardly kick at Mafi's face last season do you?

    By Anonymous RM, at October 10, 2009 5:13 pm  

  • What is sad is the Munster manager's response that he is "disappointed" with the ban. Clubs need to stop protecting players, no matter who they are, when they do wrong and be big enough to say "Hayes stuffed up and will pay the price like a man", or something similar!

    By Anonymous Andy Boy, at October 10, 2009 9:30 pm  

  • campo your a tool and dont think your fooling anyone by saying your a "genuine munster fan",o connell has done a great job as captin so shove it up your ass with the rest of your bullshit and to the person who is "johnhayesworstpropever" your an idiot,hayes is not the greatest prop ever,but,munster and ireland owe john hayes more then a fool like you will ever understand,on the incident,black mark on an otherwise great career,leinster were fantastic,fairplay to them

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 10, 2009 10:03 pm  

  • Nice work by the Irish RU - suspension on your toughest prop ends one day before and international with the Wallabies and a week before meeting the Bokke.

    What tosh

    By Blogger John, at October 11, 2009 10:28 am  

  • I think from the comments above the majority agree that:

    1. Healy was illegally trying to pull down the maul,
    2. A player clearly trying to collapse a mall in that position deserves a shoeing, &
    3. that hayes did not look down and deliberately stamp on Healys head.

    so wheres the problem here!

    If Healy had not emerged from the bottom of the maul with blood steaming from his head then perhaps there would not even have been a sending off. This to me is similar to the Bakkies Botha case in the Lions Test game where he was perhaps a bit wreckless by charging in to clear Adam Jones out of the way.
    The punishment was driven only by the injury to the player. I this case Botha was wreckless probably even more so than hayes, but if neither of the alleged 'victims' had not gotten hurt then there probaby would have been no suspensions dished out.

    But people this is rugby - shoeings and clearing players is all part of the game!

    It also seems similar as the unions in question also managed to suit their own international schedule in that Hayes will be back right on time for the Autumn international series and Bakkies was convieniently back for the Tri Nations.
    It stinks of trying to satisfy the masses by trying to be seen to do justice, rather than actually doing justice!

    And Dalma your comment that the red jersey of munster protects players from punishment is a joke.

    Quinlan for unintentional contact with the eye area of miley cullen got 12 weeks - schalk berger gouges Luke Fitzgearld gets 8 weeks.
    Hayes unintentional stamp on
    Healy, 6 Weeks - Malcolm O'Kelly v Wasps for a stamp and Sexton for an intentional to head of Mafi both 2 weeks.
    Think before you write idiot!

    By Blogger Tron, at October 11, 2009 3:13 pm  

  • Although I agree with alot of the sentiment on here, I feel most have missed the biggest problem here and that's the refereeing. Yes Hayes deserved to go, and O'Connell was actually lucky not to join him (his feet were there as well), but before the Ref even knew there had been an incident, he had already awarded the Pen to Leinster. Completely wrong. AT THAT TIME.

    Now look at it as it happened. Munster were mauling (correctly) and both Leinster's props pulled it down, illegally under the discarded ELV. Then, before the touch judge intervened Hines threw a massive right hook at Leamy. Leamy was wise to it and it barely connected RIGHT INFRONT OF THE REF. Leamy was pulling Hines hair (girls), and possibly deserved it, but that don't make it right.

    Hayes red, Wright and Hines yellow. Only 1 decision was made.

    I can understand O'Connell's frustration before he knew about the stamping, but the Magners League is being held back from being the best NH competition (outside of HCup) because of terrible officiating.

    The Top14 while of great skill and history is too bloated and teams now only look for drop goals. Don't get me started on the deathly boredom that is the Premiership. The Lions selection may have come down to personal choice (McGeechan's) but the ML out numbered the GP 3 to 1. Something has to be done about the officals, otherwise all teams involved are only going to use it as a proving ground for youngsters and concentrate completely on the HCup.

    By Anonymous Huh!! the 3rd, at October 11, 2009 5:34 pm  

  • Tron said "But people this is rugby - shoeings and clearing players is all part of the game!"

    That, unfortunately, is where you're wrong. This isn't rugby of ten years ago.. nowadays, you're not actually allowed to put your boot on a player to clear him out anymore. We all know this, or should.

    As much as we'd love proper rucking to come back into the game, it's not a part of it anymore, therefore any time a players boot touches another player while he's on the floor, that's pretty much rucking, which is pretty much a penalty.

    Sad, but true. Therefore, Hayes deserves everything he's got, if not more. Healy, well, he only deserved to be penalised for bringing down the maul. A good shooeing is as illegal nowadays as spear tackles are.

    By Anonymous Shaft, at October 11, 2009 9:34 pm  

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