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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emerging Springboks snatch a dramatic draw against the British & Irish Lions

The British & Irish Lions suffered their first non-Test hiccup in Cape Town earlier tonight as they drew with the Emerging Springboks after a frantic last minute of rugby in atrocious conditions.

Keith Earls, playing at fullback, scored the first and only try for the Lions as the rain pelted down on a soaked Newlands. Despite the weather, roughly 40 000 turned out to see the match, adding further fuel to the argument that the devout Cape fans should have been afforded a Test match.

Running the ball in those conditions proved challenging, but the Lions tried when they could, as they looked to have an edge in the first half after Earls' nicely taken try.

It was confrontational and tight, with the Lions leading 13-6 and looking as though they'd come away with another midweek win after James Hook slotted a penalty three minutes from time.

The Emerging Boks were awarded a penalty and Earl Rose kicked for the corner, which led to a really well worked lineout move. The ball was recycled, and replacement Willem De Waal spun it out wide to another replacement, wing Danwell Demas, who dived over for a great try.

The conversion was from the touchline as the rain poured down once again, but being the seasoned professional that he is, De Waal kept his nerve and slotted the kick beautifully, earning the home side a memorable 13-13 draw.

Time: 05:02
Note: This clip includes an interview with Willem De Waal from after the match.



  • Just to spoil the day of a few people.

    Good luck to the Lions on Saturday. I'd like to see a 3rd Test show down.

    By Anonymous bigox, at June 23, 2009 10:21 pm  

  • 2nd :) and was there any scots playing

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 10:37 pm  

  • There were loads, probably why we drew! haha only joking.

    Thought we were going to put the game away early, but it never really happened.

    Flutey had a good game though,love his style, shame he won't make the starting team with the way O'Driscol and Roberts are playing.

    By Blogger cp85, at June 23, 2009 10:41 pm  

  • Hines and Ford

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 10:45 pm  

  • You'd have hoped Flutey would have gone for the corner early in the match when he was clean through, instead he checked and tried to go inside, and the move broke down.

    By Blogger Hamish, at June 23, 2009 10:47 pm  

  • DOC was in fantastic form and really put his hand up for test selection for me.
    Him and O Connell would make a solid second row partnership against the boks. Theirs is probably second best in the world next to Bakkies and Victor.

    With Hayes on the bench for the test and him coming on they would be absolutely fantastic in the set piece

    By Anonymous Frontrowforlife, at June 23, 2009 10:51 pm  

  • Doc was as anonymous as me. Shaw on, the other hand, was rampant.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 11:00 pm  

  • doc was brilliant and others two. thought earls did well to score

    test team:
    o driscoll
    o gara
    o connell
    o callaghan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 11:07 pm  

  • Hayes!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 11:07 pm  

  • your team is so irish is embarrassing/ rog did zero tonight, hook by a long stretch, and even he is behind jones. couldn't you have fitted earls at 12 or 9 or something?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 11:09 pm  

  • We have some real blatent Irish bias here! Hayes has always been a poor player and Simon Shaw was infinately better than DOC when he came on.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 23, 2009 11:13 pm  

  • Shaw and O'Callaghan have both been best locks on this tour. In saying that Shaw has had some ugly moments. Can't see what Hines has offered, but to be fair he had to fill in at blindside last week.

    Pity Earls didn't get to play with BOD at all on tour from full back, the space he could've had. Think without being flash, Williams and Fitzy had good games, considering weather. D'arcy and Flutey had big defensive games and yet again, Powell, while looking lively and for work was turned nearly every time he went to ground.

    If people want to defend how poorly Hook played because of his head injury, well he shouldn't have been playing if thats the case. Yes he does offer more than both Jones and O'Gara combined in attack and on front foot but he obviously doesn't or can't control like a test match stand off.

    Well done to Vickery for looking hungry when coming on and earning pen at scrum. Still should be dropped though.

    Finally, a great preformance from the ref, well done ya French-Irish scrum half dirtbag.

    By Anonymous Huh!! the 3rd, at June 23, 2009 11:17 pm  

  • to Huh the 3rd.
    Hook played well? not bad man.
    and dont count out Alan wyn jones for lock:)
    Rubbbish game by all accounts, probably taking the weather into account:)
    hoping for a better game sat:)
    The boks would have owned this team though.

    By Anonymous Matt, at June 23, 2009 11:43 pm  

  • well done emerging boks!!

    Potgieter was HUGE!!!

    By Anonymous Cheis, at June 24, 2009 12:03 am  

  • Bigox you legend.

    By Anonymous T, at June 24, 2009 12:42 am  

  • For the Lions, Flutey and Earls impressed.

    The back row of the Emerging Boks were great. Vermaak also looked good - MUCH better than January.

    By Anonymous j_csquare, at June 24, 2009 1:46 am  

  • Loved Shane Williams ripping the ball of that big bok winger.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 2:29 am  

  • Shaw definitelty stuck put his hand up for at least a spot on the bench. Very physical presence which will be needed.

    Otherwise I see no one who earned a change, though Fitzy looked good.

    The Bok replacement 9 was a fireplug, he'll be a test player.

    Neither Lion prop did anything.

    Was looking for Powell to make a statement. He tried but convinced me of nothing.

    Wallace at 8, Williams at 7, Croft at 6 for the next test. Shaw at least on the bench.

    i have to admire how worsley always plugs along and puts in the tackles.

    bravo to Earls, the most improved player of the tour. though he had the most improvement to make.

    By Anonymous Canadian Content, at June 24, 2009 4:38 am  

  • bad performance by the lions, i don't think Geech has any right to say he's content with that.

    Last midweek game and some people looked ready to pack their bags and head home we needed a win today and unfortunately the gulf between the test team and the midweek side was gloriously exposed last night.

    Players who did there test chances no harm were, DOC, Shaw & O'Gara.

    Earls and Fitz played very well, if they carry on developing like this then come the next tour they will be pushing for selection again.

    Very pleased for Earls as on the first two outings he looked out of his depth, but once he moved to 15 he proved he was class and a very natural player.

    Hook was terrible, and very disappointing as I'm a big fan of his, but after last night there is simply no way you can justify Hook on the bench over O'Gara apart form he's a utility player.

    O'Gara kicked well, and played flat, got creamed in a tackle but on a wet night like that when footing is bad that's no shame - proves he was in the right place at least.

    Don't think he did enough to dislodge Jones.

    Think there will be little or not change to the test side though. only one i can see is DOC or Shaw coming in.

    By Anonymous goodNumber10, at June 24, 2009 7:19 am  

  • Did anybody see Jean Deysel (emerging boks no7) running over O Gara in the first half?

    He's a monster flank!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 8:20 am  

  • How many tackles did O'gara miss!? Loads!!
    Fitzy & Shane looked solid on the wings suprisingly more for their defencive work than running.
    Lions to win the next test but to lose the 3rd.

    By Anonymous Un-Dutch-Able, at June 24, 2009 9:38 am  

  • To the anonymous guy who observed that 'Hayes has always been a poor player' - poor enought that he has won two European Cups playing for the best pack in Europe, a grand slam, and holds the record for international caps for Ireland. If only we had more players this poor available. He probably should have been in the squad from day one.

    By Anonymous Gavin, at June 24, 2009 10:33 am  

  • the "supposed" best selection of NH drew against... emergin springboks

    i think lions have to gather if they want to draw the series on saturday

    i also won't miss australia-france

    By Blogger Flooz, at June 24, 2009 10:46 am  

  • test team

    14.tommy bowe
    13.brian o'driscoll
    12.jamie roberts
    11.keith earls
    10.stephen jones
    9.mike phillips
    8.david wallace
    7.martyn williams
    6.tom croft
    5.paul 0'connell
    4.simon shaw
    3.adam jones
    2.matthew rees
    1.gethin jenkins

    16.ross ford
    17.john hayes
    18.donnacha o'callaghan
    19.jamie heaslip
    20.mike blair
    21.ronan o'gara
    22.rob kearny

    By Anonymous welshno7, at June 24, 2009 11:31 am  

  • Welshno7 turned Irish there. Earls is better in open space so wing isn't a bad idea. Tony Maghan the Munster coach says he is the best full back in ireland and played him on wing at start of year. Bet Monye will start though.

    To Matt, don't know whether you agree with me from your comment, or just confused, he played very poorly.

    By Anonymous Huh!! the 3rd, at June 24, 2009 12:16 pm  

  • agree with welshno7 team apart from earls on the wing. he has impressed but dont think he would be able to do the same on the wing.

    think ford is a player for the future. he has impressed whenever given the chance

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 12:29 pm  

  • Did anyone else think the kick at the end missed? I recorded the game and kept rewinding as I was sure the kick missed and am still positive it did! Only one of the touch judges put his flag up and he was halfway up the pitch when he did and apparently one of the TJs was a Saffa!

    Besides this the Emerging Boks deserved the draw and should have got more. The Lions yet again struggled at the breakdown getting turned to often. It seems that every team they play has more aggression and hunger than the Lions when it comes down to it, especially at the breakdown.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 1:46 pm  

  • well good game i guess lol goes to show what can happen when you try to play a running game int he wet,

    R'OG had no game control at all when he was on the pitch, which is annoying as hook still didnt look himself

    Still didnt like the look of G'OD or Flutey in the center

    As a wasps and england fan I would love to see Simon Shaw the Sole Survivor from the 97 tour play

    Must say i thought this was one of the best referred game all tour imo

    By Blogger ryebye, at June 24, 2009 2:01 pm  

  • Average performance form the Lions....Rog played pretty well...Gordan D'arcy and Flutey had great defensive games but doubt they'll make it into the test 22....Earls had his best game so far on tour but he hasn't done enough IMO to warrant a place on the test squad...Shaw played well but as did DOC....I would much prefer DOC playing than Shaw as Shaw is too much like Vickery at giving away penalties and stupid ones at that..DOC has that same problem too I know but not nearly as bad as Shaw...

    My starting team

    18-M Williams

    I would have Jones starting but any kind of missed pens that he shud be kicking over and he should be taken off pronto as we just cannot afford those kind of missed chances again..It cost u the last time...

    By Anonymous themull, at June 24, 2009 2:53 pm  

  • I notice that a few people are suggesting that Wallace move to No. 8 for the next test. For me, he loses a lot playing No. 8 compared with his natural flank position. He and Williams are great players but the Lions need a real No. 8 for balance, I think.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 3:07 pm  

  • ROG played the conditions well I thought, probably didn't do enough to remove Jones

    S Williams was solid, but the lions have plenty solid players to choose from.

    Fitz looks like a very fine all round footballer. Would start at 11

    Earls was the most dangerous runner on the pitch. Probably too small for centre but looks more home at FB (wing maybe)

    DOC was decent, Shaw did more when he came on than he did all tour.

    Hayes and Payne did very well considering they just arrived.

    It's just not happening for Ellis (would have brought Danny Care instead)

    no one else really stood out

    By Anonymous Mike, at June 24, 2009 3:21 pm  

  • Fitzgerald and DOC for the test side.

    Hayes for the bench

    Keanrey at 15.

    Will people please stop saying that Martin Williams should be starting because hes no where near Wallace.

    Wallace was the standout forward in the game last saturday. He made a great break he carried ball to great effect always gaining yards.

    Whats with all this link between backs and forwards everyones going on about???

    The openside flanker is the link between the pack and the backline??? no one else is allowed pass to the backs besides the number 7???

    suddenly because he made one pass during a break to harry ellis hes what we need at number 7??? A link man???

    By Anonymous Frontrowforlife, at June 24, 2009 3:21 pm  

  • Im not a fan of shaw, but i really think he is needed in the 2nd row against the boks. if he keeps his head then he will be a great asset, his size and power is needed against the likes of Botha and Matfield, even if he is only there for the first half just to help wear them down, because without a doubt the first test match the Lions got d*cked in the scrums!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 3:21 pm  

  • Hines for god!

    By Anonymous Nick, at June 24, 2009 4:25 pm  

  • Shaw in at 2nd row!! got to be. Is there no feasible way we can drop O'Connell? He's wack.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 4:43 pm  

  • To the guy who reckons the kick wasn't over: All you need to do is pause this video at the point where the ball passes the upright (2:33) and you'll see that it moves in front of it. So clearly it was over. Not that difficult.

    By Blogger Jacques, at June 24, 2009 5:02 pm  

  • "doc was brilliant and others two. thought earls did well to score

    test team:
    o driscoll
    o gara
    o connell
    o callaghan

    this person is clerly irish by the team he has picked 10 irish players, there should be about 6/7 in that team and hayes and DOC shouldent be in it and o'gara would make the 22, becasue he can takle. Kearny will only start if byrne is not fit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 5:58 pm  

  • POC = piece of crap.

    Maybe he looks good ranting and raving in the Munster change room but he has been anomymous all tour.

    Check out the Bok swatting him out of the way on the test rolling maul. He just accepted it and kept pedalling backwards.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 6:04 pm  

  • Yeah, Earls did well to score, but fullback he's not. As a back, if I were him, I'd be blaming myself for that try at the end there. But I didn't get to see the whole play develop, so maybe he did all he could and called the overload but there wasn't enough time to get the men out wide...I dunno.

    And yeah, I'd drop POC altogether and have BOD captain the team...O'Connell has been stale on his attack - not making much ground anytime he touches the ball, and he's only been decent on defense (he's stolen a ball or two in the ruck, or forced a penalty for their side 'holding on'), but nothing too convincing. He'll play every match, I'm sure...I just wish he wouldn't.

    By Anonymous Ryan, at June 24, 2009 6:34 pm  

  • i thought the Emerging springboks back row was class last night. They hit evrything that moved in red, and again caused problams at the break down for the lions
    6- D Potgieter (Blue Bulls, capt),
    7- J Deysel (Sharks),
    8- D Vermeulen (Western Province)
    These boys have a huge future and burger, spies and co will have go some to keep these boys out of a test jumper.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 24, 2009 7:27 pm  


    This man is a monster...cant wait for him to link up with the BOKs

    By Anonymous semperfimamba, at June 24, 2009 8:00 pm  

  • I would like to hear what people think of keith earls. Being from limerick i saw him single handedly winning the senior schools cup for munchins two years ago. In limerick he is regarded as nothing short of a champion, and as a first year as a professional rugby player he has finished top try scorer for munster, scored a try on his debut for ireland and was called up to the lions tour, now i know roberts and fitzgerald are of similar age and have achieved more in the game but earls was a surprise call-up and even though he had a shocker in the first match he has scored two great tries. Ronan o gara has gone on to compare his impact in his first season to johnny wilkonson and while i dont see earls dropping a goal off his weak foot for ireland in a world cup final i genuinely think he will be a world beater in the next few years. drop a comment to what ye think.

    By Blogger Paul Gormley, at June 24, 2009 8:18 pm  

  • As someone who HASNT seen much of Earls, except for this in the last year or so, with Munster etc, I think he's a fantastic runner, with a similar gliding style to Christian Cullen. He had a poor start to this tour, but has come back nicely, and does look a class player.

    Not sure I'd call him a world beater yet - I don't think he has all those attributes yet at this stage. Looks a good player though for sure. I cant see him changing the rugby world though. Maybe I'll live to eat my words. Time will tell. :)

    By Anonymous FrankyH, at June 24, 2009 9:06 pm  

  • To Paul Gormley,
    After I saw the first match I thought 'Christ wahts he doing here'. I am not sure centre is where he is suited. He seemed to thrive on the space he gets at fullback and it gives him a great opportunitty to use that pace and step of his. I am not sure if he has played at wing before but I would consider him for that when you start weighing up the options we have.

    By Anonymous cheech, at June 24, 2009 9:22 pm  

  • if you look at the comments before the lions vs cheetahs match i named my starting 15 with earls at 14. i got a fair bit of abuse which was understandable, and while i whole heartily agree the freedom earls would get at fullback could prove fatal to opposing teams, he himself loves playing at 13 and for munster himself and mafi prove perfect foils for each other.
    i didnt say he is currently a world beater, but who is at just turning 21? he is definately brian o driscolls successor for ireland when the brilliant BOD hangs up his boots. And come australia in 2013 hel be a key man

    By Blogger Paul Gormley, at June 24, 2009 9:36 pm  

  • how come half of the comments are saying ROG was crap and the other half say he played well ! did we all watch the same game ?

    By Anonymous westman, at June 24, 2009 10:36 pm  

  • Re. Earls and Cullen, I can see what you mean by the running style similarity, but Earls does not have Cullen's sheer speed or amazing strength. That is not to be critical of Earls (I'm a Munster fan) as I rate Cullen - before his injuries and his winding down at Munster - as in the top tier of rugby greats. That guy did some amazing things - if Earls can do half as much, he will have a great career.

    By Anonymous Gavin, at June 25, 2009 12:51 am  

  • From what I've seen, Earls has potential but is pretty unpredictable. That could just be a result of being pretty small (i.e. bigger players can just bosh it up when the breaks aren't coming their way), or maybe he just needs more experience.

    By Anonymous HM, at June 25, 2009 2:52 am  

  • Cape Town - The British and Irish Lions team on Tuesday expressed their surprise at the number of people attending their tour games in South Africa, stressing they had no say in setting the inflated ticket prices.

    The Lions, who tour South Africa every 12 years, played out their warm-up games to half-full stadiums, while there were even a few thousand empty seats during the first Test in Durban last Saturday.

    Tickets for the first Test were on sale for R1 140, while South Africa's games in the Tri Nations are usually priced between R125-450.

    At Newlands on Tuesday, tickets to watch the Emerging Boks take on the cream of the four home nations were going for R230, a massive increase from normal Super 14 home match prices of between R20-50.

    John Feehan, chief executive of the 2009 Lions tour, released a statement denying allegations that the Lions had any involvement in the setting of ticket prices.

    "The South African Rugby Union and its provincial unions had sole responsibility for the setting of ticket prices for the British and Irish Lions tour and the Lions management had no input whatsoever into any of this," said Feehan.

    "The Lions did appoint official overseas travel agencies to service the requirements of travelling British and Irish Lions supporters.

    "However, the tickets for this programme were purchased at full price from the South African Rugby Union by the British and Irish Lions.

    "It is true to say we are very surprised at the level of the attending crowds. The Lions only visit South Africa every 12 years and it is, therefore, disappointing that the stadiums have been far from full."

    Here is the link http://www.sport24.co.za/Content/Rugby/LionsinSA/954/2655a27f72994290a2119dfe46e5f747//Turnouts_disappoint_Lions

    To all the NH peeps that have been dissing us SAFAS here is the truth thats why you dont see the staduims full!!.

    By Anonymous JuiCe, at June 25, 2009 3:37 am  

  • I'll just give my opinion on a few things here.
    To those who say that Hook was better than O'Gara, his poor game management cost them the game with that stupid kick at the end. O'Gara did fairly well but he still can't tackle so I wouldn't start him.
    Kearney was eminently better than Byrne at fullback, without a doubt, so he definitely should be starting.
    To the Hayes bashers, he only just got there a few days before, so he was obviously not going to gel right away, and would you prefer to have Vickery instead?
    Second row now, Jones was poor, I'd put DOC in there, Since Shaw won't last the full match, and I think DOC is better anyway.
    Ugo Monye was unspeakably bad, and Fitzgerald should be there instead. Shane Williams was ok, but one ok performance all year doesn't warrant test selection.

    Does anyone else think that since all three hookers are so hugely flawed, that Rory Best would have been the best choice after Flannery? And is anyone wondering what Geech was thinking when he picked Andy Powell? Here's a list of who is a better number 8: every member of the Irish, Scottish, English, and Welsh squad. And Chabal too.

    By Anonymous Kearney for tests, at June 25, 2009 3:42 am  

  • I dont know much about the Lions,
    but i know this much - even the emerging springboks are enough to beat them.

    If you rate the previous Lions performances, some of them were less than fair.

    Super 14 experience counts doesnt it!

    By Blogger Tuilagi-Inspired, at June 25, 2009 7:34 am  

  • Given that there's about R13 to the pound, it still seems pretty surprising. I know there's a difference in income etc., but a tenner for possibly the most important international of the year doesn't seem extravagant, especially when the tickets are only about 10p more expensive than normal 3N tickets. Maybe I'm underestimating the difference in the economies.

    By Anonymous HM, at June 25, 2009 8:42 am  

  • Juice, thanks for that info. It is ridiculous. While many may say 'it only comes around every 12 years, and they should fork out the amount', the reality is that people dont like getting ripped off. It's BS. It almost becomes like a boycott situation. Like an insult from the rugby unions.

    In fact now that I think about it, I'm not going to any of the tests because I refuse to pay R1200 to sit at Ellis Park, where I grew up, and be ripped off for just another rugby match. Last big test I went to there cost me about R300 if I remember correctly.

    Someone needs to take the blame for this situation, and it should by no means be the fans.

    By Anonymous Dave, at June 25, 2009 8:49 am  

  • O gara got bumped around too much so he cant start

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 25, 2009 1:22 pm  

  • nice team selection for the second test, i think this team will win

    By Blogger Paul Gormley, at June 25, 2009 1:51 pm  

  • Kearney for tests.....are you irish by any chance?!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 25, 2009 4:30 pm  

  • Earls has played wing several times before, last season he finished off there for Garryowen, playing in the AIL semi and final on wing. He also made his Magners debut on wing v Edinburgh, with Howlett at FB, scoring in first couple of minutes.

    I like the line up, but there is a feeling of a week too late. Shaw has been best lock this tour including the fact he has made a couple of howlers. Still could've moved Wallace to 8 to accomodate Williams.

    For those saying DOC wasn't worthy of place, well you get your chance now, Wyn Jones has done nothing on this tour and his inclusion in 22 was preordained before they left England. Although I'm sure that if line out isn't secure O'Connell will be blamed. If the excuse with half backs is combinations, then DOC and POC have proved pretty effective for last 6 years now.

    I agree with someone who suggests Rory Best shold've been selected after Flannery's injury, I've been saying this ever since it happened. Ford (the worst thrower)has done absolutely nothing to be in the 22 bar the fact that Mears( the most accurate thrower) is too small, which was kind of obvious for, well, ever. Wouldn't it have been wise to have Mears come on later when we belive SA may be tired to safe guard Lions possession. Maybe Rees will feel better playing alongside his countrymen, although that didn't stop Ireland destroying him in Cardiff.

    By Anonymous Huh!! the 3rd, at June 25, 2009 5:09 pm  

  • To anonymous, yes I am Irish, but even still, the only point that I made that you can really argue is the Shaw vs O'Callagan one. The rest are facts, or as close to facts as you can get.

    By Anonymous Kearney for tests, at June 25, 2009 5:33 pm  

  • Huh the 3rd, I disagree about Wyn Jones. He's been more solid on defense than POC, even though that's not saying a whole lot, insofar as he hasn't caused nearly as many penalties at the break down (though POC hasn't been infamous for it or anything). He's also managed to do decent on attack, but yeah, nothing great - not as great as you'd think as, like you said, his selection seemed pretty automatic from the get-go.

    By Anonymous Onomatopoeia, at June 25, 2009 6:39 pm  

  • I notice a lot of people saying ROG got bumped around too much to start - I think that this was actually the first match he DIDN'T get bumped around a whole lot and STILL managed to keep his head cool and make some of the good kicks that ROG is capable of. He also RAN the ball and played pretty flat which is uncharacteristic of his performance on tour so far.

    By Anonymous Onomatopoeia, at June 25, 2009 7:09 pm  

  • Any thoughts on why Heaslip is still in the frame? Much like Mears I thought he has had a pretty decent tour till the Test match. He seemed to dissapear. Please tell me if I am wrong?

    By Anonymous Cheech, at June 25, 2009 9:12 pm  

  • Flannery and Best have been fighting it out all year for there Ireland place i cant understand how Best was over looked.The team for sat looks good put i think DOC would have been best man to have on the bench

    By Anonymous westman, at June 25, 2009 11:24 pm  

  • Cheech, is that some kind of joke? The only other number 8 is Andy Powell. I'd rather just play with fourteen. Anyway Heaslip wasn't that bad.

    By Anonymous Kearney for tests, at June 25, 2009 11:49 pm  

  • Kearney, Its not a joke. I thought Heaslip was at best Average on Saturday.
    I wouldn't want Powell to start, but is it worth sticking Wallace at 8 and bringing in Martyn Williams?
    Its a shame there isn't much competition for the 8 position.

    By Anonymous Cheech, at June 26, 2009 11:07 am  

  • i think it was the tackle at 1 min 10 secs that hines was banned for a week for.

    By Anonymous no9, at June 26, 2009 12:42 pm  

  • how big was that tackle from flutey

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 27, 2009 7:10 pm  

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