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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chris Paterson's fantastic try saving tackle on Ben Foden

Without a doubt, for neutrals, the moment of England's Calcutta Cup victory over Scotland at Twickenham on Saturday was this inspired, determined try saving chase and tackle by 33 year old Chris Paterson on flyer Ben Foden.

In recent times we've been spoilt when it comes to great try saving tackles, with two of note already taking place in this year's Six Nations Championship. Last month we saw Jonny Wilkinson pull off what was an incredible hit on Italy's Andrea Masi late in their game.

On that same weekend, Sean Lamont of Scotland stuck his hand up for his side as he produced a man of the match effort against Wales, with his stand out moment being his inspired chase back and tackle on huge Welsh centre, Jamie Roberts.

This time around it was another Scotsman, but one that is more known for his kicking ability than his defensive prowess. He's now 33 years old and while most are bordering retirement at that age, Chris Paterson managed to show that he's still as committed as ever, and still has some serious pace as he somehow chased down England's speedy fullback, Ben Foden.

It looked to be a try for all money, and just when you thought the game would be over as a contest, Paterson produced this effort, the likes of which will be talked about in Scottish rugby folklore for years to come. Scottish fans cheered, England fans looked on in shock, and neutrals jumped up and down at having seen one of the great moments in Six Nations history unfold.

Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but the tackle was superb, and as with the previous two mentioned earlier, it had this rugby fan up on his feet, punching the air in delight, grinning ear to ear.

You can re-watch the other two tackles via the related posts links below this video.

Time: 01:08



  • great tackle. Really impressed that he caught him. thought foden was away

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 5:47 pm  

  • Bastard!!

    What a cracking tackle that is though. One that even England fans will have appreciated.

    A couple of us were suggesting that perhaps Foden could've/should've got a pass inside to Cueto, but watching this again I'm not sure Cueto was running fast enough for that?

    Great tackle.

    By Anonymous Von, at March 15, 2011 5:58 pm  

  • i was thinking same thing.

    also thinking he maybe could have stepped inside. although there was another defender i think.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:03 pm  

  • Textbook!

    Love the Tindall face, a kind of emotional rollercoaster ;)

    By Anonymous Colombes, at March 15, 2011 6:06 pm  

  • Brilliant tackle. He had a man in support but white line fever is a tacklers best friend...Nonetheless, brilliant try saver!! All class.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:06 pm  

  • I dont think Foden did anything wrong to be honest. He's Ben Foden, nine times out of ten he would skin the covering defense from that position.

    It was just a great, great tackle

    By Anonymous Laz, at March 15, 2011 6:07 pm  

  • I thought that was a dead cert of a try when Foden got it!

    Bloody good tackle by Paterson though!

    By Anonymous Nathan, at March 15, 2011 6:15 pm  

  • Nice play ...how old is Patterson ?? seems like the guy's been around for a while and yet still can run ! nice D... (78 btw... just checked...not that young)

    By Blogger jay, at March 15, 2011 6:20 pm  

  • Has to be one of the best tackles ive seen in a while, and ironically form one of the worst defenders ive ever seen.

    Guess this proves it ROG is a better ball carrier than Foden, whod a thunk it!!! ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:27 pm  

  • what a legend

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:32 pm  

  • is it just me or has foden slowed down a lot. i haven't seen him make many if any dazzling runs this 6 nations. and when he was clear in this video he didn't look very rapid.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:33 pm  

  • lol when Haskell gets the ball look at No.1 Jacobsen its so hillariously pathetic

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:37 pm  

  • Awesome tackle from an awesome player, just pure commitment (what Max Evans lacked in Croft's try)

    On a side note, Max Evans had some sensational game and what a try he scored.

    By the way, wtf Mike Tindall's teeth?


    By Anonymous Juggernauter, at March 15, 2011 6:40 pm  

  • Looking at Tindalls mouthing i think he said 'should have past it'

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 6:48 pm  

  • What the hell was the scotish No.1 doing when Haskell made the first break!?! They lazy useless lard-arse backed off nd kept backing off... He should have to lick Pattersons boots clean for the rest of the year... Sum efort from patterson.

    By Blogger :), at March 15, 2011 6:51 pm  

  • I dont know where paterson gets this bad defender tag from, hes always been this commited. Pound for pound, he tackles well above his weight. He has been known to get knocked over by bigger players, but so have plenty of larger backs.

    With regards to his pace, ask an edinburgh fan and well tell you that he seems faster this season than ever before

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 7:13 pm  

  • brilliant!!!!
    time for ireland to put an auld wheelclamp on the chariot.....

    By Blogger Ronan, at March 15, 2011 7:18 pm  

  • Colombes said...
    Love the Tindall face...

    I think you must be the only person other than his mum and Zara Phillips to have said those words!

    But yeah it was priceless, as was Foden's!

    By Anonymous Von, at March 15, 2011 7:38 pm  

  • hand off next time please mr foden. also, time for topsy ojo to at least be in the EPS cos Cueto's not getting any quicker.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 8:36 pm  

  • Amazing tackle by Scotland's only centurion. Chris you're a legend mate.

    By Blogger glove39, at March 15, 2011 8:38 pm  

  • @ Juggernaut, watch the clip again. Croft just runs past Evans, he can't even get a hand on him. Croft is deceptively quick. Would make an excellent centre. Evan's has never lacked commitment. As an Englishman I think he is one the most underrated players in the NH. Would love to see him in a team of line breakers.

    By Anonymous Jimbo1, at March 15, 2011 8:45 pm  

  • anything you can do i can do better!

    eh Wilkinson?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 15, 2011 9:17 pm  

  • Awesome tackle.

    I think because 99% percent of the time you'd expect foden to finish those ones makes that much better from paterson.

    Any chance of the Eoin Reddan charge down with the face from wal v ire? only good thing all game

    By Anonymous 1AngryTaff, at March 15, 2011 9:18 pm  

  • Great play - Foden would probably of made that 9 times out of 10 - Paterson just managed to get his arms around his ankles. Fair play a very difficult task to get any grip on a player when both of you are running so fast.

    By Anonymous Biggedybuggedy, at March 15, 2011 9:24 pm  

  • @:)
    In defence of Jacobson, he was covering the outside backs and didn't expect Haskell to get past Evans. Then he got confused and gave up.

    I don't think he actually did anything particularly wrong in his defensive positioning, he just failed to smash Haskell when he was centimeters from him and probably regrets so. Richie Gray, who for me is the player of the tournament, did well to get Haskell down and cut down his options.

    Paterson flew in the final two steps into the tackle, he seems to know he's got him long before hitting him in extremis.

    By Blogger Disco, at March 15, 2011 11:37 pm  

  • Absolutely amazing tackle!
    Although this was after he had already made another great try saving tackle on Chris Ashton!!!
    Any chance we can get a clip of that aswell??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 2:45 am  

  • I was unaware paterson was a bad tackler as some of you have stated?!?

    I thought considering his size and wait he normally puts all into his tackles and it seems most games for scotland he seems to make some sort of a crucial tackle...

    As for Jacobson...come on guys.. he was never going to get haskell from there and with Richie Gray 'The guy to watch' hot on haskells heels i'd assume jacobson was onto 'damage limitation' (i.e not bust a gut and limit haskells passing out wide)...

    ..I actually think jacobson is a great player, he is pretty hot on the ball most games and always seems to be making yards...

    obviously he is hardly (without being harsh) the most 'athletic' looking guy...and im assuming that if perhaps he bulked up with muscle...and trimmed down (without pies) he'd probably increase his game tempo...

    By Blogger No.7, at March 16, 2011 3:20 am  

  • Patterson had a cracking game all round, even making breaks from deep and side-stepping.

    I think Foden could have gone for the hand-off. See the Mike Phillips try from Saturday, he's in a very similiar position with Bowe closing in, but has the presence of mind to palm Bowe off.

    By Anonymous Krang, at March 16, 2011 3:34 am  

  • That man deserves a beer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 5:00 am  

  • Wasn't fantastic. Fodens own fault for being upright, he should have made the dive before Paterson had the chance to take his legs and simply slid into the in-goal.

    Was a good tackle no doubt, but mainly Fodens fault

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 5:03 am  

  • It was a great tackle but what's up with the soccer style grabbing his face when nothing hit him in the face.
    Look at the slow motion replay.
    We have no room in rugby for soccer style hollywood faking.

    Otherwise a really great chase and tackle.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 5:15 am  

  • Previous Anon,

    Paterson hits his face on Foden's leg with the initial contact. He's not exactly screaming in agony afterwards, he's just holding his face slightly.

    Watch again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 9:16 am  

  • I think the reason Foden didn't hand off was that he didn't see Paterson coming in the late and so low on him.

    Great tackle, showed a lot of heart!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 10:04 am  

  • "No.7 said...
    As for Jacobson...come on guys.. he was never going to get haskell from there"

    Yes I agree he would find it hard to keep up with the faster players. But if you look again he is hanging back and giving England so much space to run into. He should be up in line with Evans and try to hold them out but it just makes him look so lazy.

    Brilliant tackle though. Foden does nothing wrong here but such effort from Patterson is inspiring.

    By Blogger PipBrown89, at March 16, 2011 10:37 am  

  • Great tackle, no doubt, although my first thought was why Foden didn't put on a fend or slap the arms away. But looking at it again I think the key thing is that Paterson really put the heat on for the last three strides and just took Foden by surprise, he thought he was in.

    By Anonymous HarryP, at March 16, 2011 10:44 am  

  • Awesome! Patterson has pulled it out of the bag when needed so many times!

    Really feel for Foden bet he was gutted - Still bet it fires him up for sat!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 12:53 pm  

  • Not known for his tackling but what a brilliant effort, epitomised everything about Scotland at Twickenham, they probbly deserved more out of the game.

    And Alan Jacobsen.......do you reckon he knew he wasn't going to catch Haskell?

    By Anonymous Steve Munford, at March 16, 2011 1:00 pm  

  • jacobson wasnt in the defensive line from the start what created space for the initial break

    every halfway decent rugby player knows what props do and have gratitude that someone is doing the ugly stuff :) so the backs can do the fancy stuff like spectacular covertackles :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 16, 2011 3:05 pm  

  • I think Patterson is seriously under estimated by younger players, he is quality (this is coming from an Englishman so I am by no means Biest). I realy rate Foden as well but this was very disapointing, no step, hand off or even looked for an offload. would have liked to have seen Ashton on the end of that run.....

    By Anonymous Stag, at March 16, 2011 4:06 pm  

  • If Patterson were playing 25 years ago, or was 2 stone heavier, he'd be one of the top full backs in the world. He's just unlucky with that the era he is playing in and his body-type are not suited.

    By Anonymous Gavin, at March 16, 2011 5:55 pm  

  • My opinion is that Evans should play in the center, not on the wing.

    By Blogger Frenchy, at March 17, 2011 7:09 pm  

  • I loved this moment

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 17, 2011 10:23 pm  

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